A Troll's Revenge is a classic-style, parser-drive text adventure. It was a mini-adventure written for CaveJam 2019. It's playable in a browser on most PCs, mobile phones, laptops, or tablets.

The planned pixel art wasn't ready in time for the end of the Jam, so this initial version features 'programmer art'. Hopefully that won't put you off playing the game!

We still aim to release a 'deluxe' version at a later date, with the a full 8-bit art experience. You can see a preview of this version in the downloads section.

A text-only, 8-bit version for ZX Spectrum is now also available, as well as a "demo" version for Spectrum +3 which includes graphics.


(WiP) helpcomputer0 graphics version
ZX Spectrum Version 112 kB
ZX Spectrum +3 Version (1c) 190 kB

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