'Ernie Spludge is excited... today is the day! Today is the day he will finally pluck up enough courage to ask his potential girlfriend Rosie out. He's come up with the perfect time to pop the question too... at the joint Scout & Guides disco in the local church hall. There is just one problem... entry is only open to those children that have completed their Bob-a-Job week challenge cards... and Ernie is still five tasks short!'


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sounds very interesting

but i dont know how to play :P

You don't know how to play this specific game? Or text adventures in general?

If you don't know how to play traditional (some might say 'classic') parser-driven text adventures, then one of my other games Deer Creek https://8bitag.itch.io/deer-creek will provide a better starting point, than this game, as it has a built in tutorial which will take you through the basic commands like movement, EXAMINE, SEARCH, INVENTORY etc.